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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sorry Kids, Mommy's Outta Here

This post is the second in my "Way-Back Wednesday" series (on the third Wednesday of each month, I revisit one of my favorite posts from the past). Enjoy! 

Sorry Kids, Mommy’s Outta Here
That’s right. I’m packing my bags. Leaving my family behind. In just two days, I. Am. Out. Of. Here.

Ok, truth be told, I’m only going to be gone for 3 days—and then I am most definitely, almost probably, coming back. I’m heading out for a girls’ weekend with my six college besties, and I can’t decide if I’m more excited for the actual weekend or for the airport and plane ride experiences.

Sad, isn’t it? I mean, you know you’re a mom of young kids when a trip to the airport and a 3-hour flight BY YOURSELF feels like a spa day. I’m already dreaming of it: Getting through security will be a breeze with no car seat, no stroller, no sullen preschoolers who refuse to answer the TSA agent when asked for their names. After security, I’ll stroll to my gate, maybe stopping at Starbucks or McDonalds for goodies—that I won’t have to share!—and then by a book shop for trashy magazines. And boarding will be lovely: I’ll just waltz to my seat and plop down to enjoy my snacks and gossip rags at will.

But then the real magic will begin.

The plane ride.

Here’s what I WON’T be doing during my flight:
  • Reading “Little Critter” books out loud.
  • Eating smashed PB&J sandwiches and soggy cucumber slices.
  • Learning how to play the “Elmo’s ABCs” app on the iPad so I can help my kids with it.
  • Watching “Cars 2” for the 93587935798357th time.
  • Holding someone else’s barf bag.
Here’s what I probably WILL be doing during my flight:
  • Reading something—ANYTHING—for grown-ups.
  • Eating whatever delicious goodies I could find in the terminal without worrying about modeling good habits for my fellow travelers.
  • Smashing my 4-year-old’s high scores on my iphone’s “Angry Birds” app.
  • Watching a PG-13 or even (gasp!) R-rated movie.
  • Politely ignoring pretty much everyone around me as much as possible.

So, as I pack my one incredibly small suitcase and my definitely-not-a-diaper-bag purse, I leave you with this link to celebrate this month’s “Way-Back Wednesday.”
It’s about a trip I took with my kids that went horribly, messily wrong. And it explains why I now carry large ziplock plastic bags with us whenever we all set foot on a plane together. Because those tiny airplane motion-sickness bags?


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  1. My hubs is a pilot and flies internationally-I go all the time. People ask why i go for such a short time on a long flight-i answer-Where else can I get nine hours of peace, read a book, watch movies, nap and get served food and wine the whole time and not clean up? LOL

    1. Omg just the idea of getting served food and drinks with no clean up has me sold!

  2. Replies
    1. Really, the trip will be MUCH better than the flight. But 3 hours by myself sure sounds heavenly.

  3. Even though my kid isn't quite born yet I kind of get this. I think it has to do with flying for a living. When I can be an anonymous (ie not in uniform) passenger on an airplane and just sit in my seat and quietly enjoy... it is pretty heavenly.

    1. Yep...It was pretty nice! AND--for a nice bonus--I ended up in a row with no one seated in the middle seat. Ahhhh...time to spread out!


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