Crazed In the Kitchen: Why I Chose Formula For My Babies, And Why That's OK   

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why I Chose Formula For My Babies, And Why That's OK

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Yes, I fed both of my sons formula when they were babies. I have to admit, however, that *I* didn't exactly choose formula so much as my severely under-performing breasts did. But, thanks to formula, my babies survived their infancies and are smart, funny, wonderful little guys today.

But what about women who CAN breastfeed, but choose not to? Are they "bad moms?"

This is what I wrote about for my Blogger Idol post this week: "Don't Tell Me What To Feed My Baby!" It's a topic I am passionate about, given my experience. I hope you'll head over there and read and comment on my post, as well as the other four excellent posts this week. And then I hope you'll vote for me, Crazed in the Kitchen.

In other exciting news, my posts have been featured on BlogHer and Bonbon Break this week! Head over to the Food section of BlogHer to read my post, "The Truth About Wine Labels." And check out the Bedroom on Bonbon Break to read my post about Lung Cancer Awareness. Enjoy!


  1. I just saw your post over at Blogger Idol. I think you did a fabulous job with the subject! As someone who works in the field, I can tell you that I've seen far too many lactation consultants take part in the shaming. It breaks my heart. Not everyone can do it, really...and there is nothing wrong with that. We, as mothers, need to spend more time encouraging each other and supporting each other, and a whole lot less time telling one another what to do. Good job!

  2. Thank you! And I totally agree with you. It took my lactation consultant a while to come around, and I admire her dedication on such a hopeless cause, but it was such a relief when she told me to stop pumping, switch to formula, and just "enjoy my baby."

  3. I was unable to breast feed my babies for very long, so formula was my choice. Then I found goats milk was a wonderful alternative too!


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