Crazed In the Kitchen: Entourage: The Preschool Years   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Entourage: The Preschool Years

You know how sometimes your kids do things that are cute? And sometimes they do things that drive you crazy? And—once in a great while—they do something that is both cute AND drives you crazy? Well, this is about one of those things. One of those Cute-Crazy things.

My four-year-old son travels with an entourage. No, he doesn’t have an assistant or stylist or bodyguard. I’m not even talking about myself and his little brother, though he is forced to spend a good portion of his waking moments with us. Rather, Matthew has collected a motley crew of stuffed lovies that must accompany him around the house at all times. One day I made a tiny little joke about his (insert silent swear word here) entourage, and the label stuck.

Here’s how a typical conversation goes around here:

Me: Matthew! Do you want to do a puzzle with me in the playroom?

Matthew: YES! Wait! Let me get my entourage! (Aww…isn’t that cute? He wants his stuffed animals to join us!)

(He begins scurrying around the house, gathering his entourage.)

Me (from the playroom, where the puzzle is almost done): Matthew, what’s going on out there? What’s taking so long?

Matthew (super-whine time): I can’t find my whole entouraaaaage!!! (Holy hell, this kid is going to drive me crazy!)

Like I said. Cute-Crazy.

The problem is not so much that Matthew wants to bring his lovies wherever he goes, it’s that the entourage has gotten so BIG lately. Our house is not big, and only has one floor, but the finding, gathering, and transporting of his entourage still manages to take up a good bit of his day.

Since Matthew recently asked me to photograph his entourage (why? They are with him ALL THE TIME! If he wants to know what they look like couldn’t he just, I don’t know, look down?), I figured I might as well share.

So, here it is—an introduction to my four-year-old’s entourage.

The founding member is a stuffed doggie with whom Matthew fell in love early on. Not being very creative with stuffed animal names, my husband and I called the doggie “Doggie,” and Matthew followed suit.

The earliest known picture of Matthew (20 months) and Doggie

Doggie has a companion Blankie, which at one point Matthew liked me to drape over his face before he fell asleep.

Who in their right mind takes a photo--with FLASH--of a sleeping child?
But then things changed. One day not long after his second birthday, Matthew made an announcement. Doggie’s name had changed. She would now be known as “Baby Missy.” If my husband or I slipped up and said “Doggie,” Matthew gently reminded us by saying, “I’m sorry, BABY MISSY.” This drove my husband completely batty as “Missy” just happens to be the nickname of my horribly bitchy cat who hisses at him if he so much as looks at her from across the room. He is not fond of this cat. He pretty much hates this cat. And now his son’s most precious possession—his best friend, even—had been named after this cat.

We resisted, figuring that Matthew—being only two years old at the time, after all—would forget this folly and go back to using the much more sensible moniker “Doggie” for his BFF. But Matthew beat us into submission and within a few months we stopped calling the doggie “Doggie-I-mean-BABY-MISSY” and started calling her simply “Baby Missy.”

Here is what happened when I tried to photograph Baby Missy and Blankie.

Matthew, get out of the picture.


There it is.

For over a year, Matthew was very reasonable about Baby Missy and Blankie. They went with him everywhere IN the house, but they never LEFT the house (please, like I wanted to go through the horror of accidently leaving one of them at the McDonald’s play place, er, I mean, the library). The other stuffed animals in the house were mostly ignored, and he never even noticed when 95% of them happened to disappear when we moved.

So I don’t know what happened around the time he turned 3 ½. We went to the zoo, where we were given a (free) tiny, stuffed elephant. I handed it to Matthew, thinking he would hold onto it for a while before it made its way to Goodwill with its predecessor reject stuffies. But something had changed. This elephant was special. This elephant needed to be with him (and Baby Missy and Blankie) at all times. And this elephant needed a name.

I give you…


Yes, he named the elephant “Baby.” And from that moment on, when he got out of bed in the morning and until he went to sleep at night, Blankie, Baby Missy and now Baby went with him everywhere (in the house. I’m still not crazy enough to let them go anywhere else).

A few weeks later, Matthew was invited to a friend’s birthday party. After 2 hours of hardcore jumping, climbing, and sliding at an indoor play place, he guzzled two juice boxes and barfed all over the lunchroom floor. As we were hurriedly ushered out of the place, his friend’s mom flung a goody bag at us before going off to try to clean her shoes (oops). What was in the bag? A teeny, tiny, stuffed bear:

Hmmm...I wonder what he named it?

After thinking about it for a nanosecond, Matthew declared, “I will call her Baby Bear!” And a new member of the entourage was born.

[Quick entourage recap: We now have Blankie, Baby Missy, Baby, and Baby Bear. And they all must go everywhere around the house with Matthew. All the time.]

So what exactly was I thinking just a few weeks later, during a trip to the local Aquarium, when I let Matthew pick one reasonably priced toy to bring home? I guess I was thinking that he would buy his usual—fish tattoos or a little ball with dolphins all over it, something practical that he could use to taunt or bonk his little brother. What did he choose?

I believe it's a tiger shark.

It took him 25 long minutes to settle on this shark, but it took him again about a nanosecond to name her…Shark Baby. And the entourage grew yet again.

[Entourage Roll Call!! Now we have Blankie, Baby Missy, Baby, Baby Bear, and Shark Baby. Try saying THAT 10 times fast.]

So then what exactly was SANTA thinking just a bit later at Christmas when he gave Matthew these six lovely orange towels that just so happen to look exactly like the freebies they give out at a certain Southern California pro hockey team’s games?

Orange, so they're easy to find.

Well, he was thinking that Matthew would like to have a hand towel of his very own and that having such a hand towel would encourage him to WASH HIS HANDS after using the bathroom—something Matthew did not seem to see as important. (And, given the volume of pee I find on the floor next to the toilet, it seems that maybe he’s right—his hands don’t seem to be involved in whatever aiming method he’s using.) And, because Santa is a smart guy who knows about kids, he figured Matthew would go through about a towel a day—so having six would mean less pressure on Mommy to get laundry done daily.

(Or maybe Santa just knows how ridiculous it is to expect Mommy to do laundry daily. That would seriously cut into her facebook time, after all.)

Anyway, it is safe to say that NO ONE quite expected Matthew to get as attached to those dumb towels as he did. While he didn’t give them each a name (Baby Towel? Towel Baby?), they joined his entourage and now go with him wherever he goes. (IN THE HOUSE. I seriously do a pat down at the front door whenever we leave.)

So, if you are one of those “lucky” people who happens to know me in real life and wonders why I can’t ever, EVER get to our play dates on time, now you know one of the reasons. We’re looking for Matthew’s entourage.

And my sanity.

The gang's all here.


  1. ms. molly, i think i had an episode of PTSD when i saw that picture of matthew with the blanket over his face! i used to find my youngest with her favorite blanket pulled over her face night after night and the terror that she had managed to suffocate herself under the damn thing never went away. some things never get old, i guess.

    and while i dearly love the photo of the entourage fully assembled, the one of matthew inserting himself into the frame is the best. maybe even better than ryan.

    1. Hahahahaha. "Better than Ryan." Matthew may be my own flesh and blood, the fruit of my loins even (does anyone even say that anymore?), but...better than Ryan? OK, I guess I have to give you that one since he IS my son and all. The blanket thing drove me crazy too. He wanted me to put it over his face when he got in the crib, but I would always go back in there after he was asleep and take at least half of it off. It had to be COMPLETELY over his face as he fell asleep or he'd lie there yelling, "MOMMY! IT'S PEEKING!" until I went back in and fixed it. I was so glad when that phase ended!

  2. That definitely is crazy-cute! And for a 4-year old to know the meaning of "entourage", well that's something.

    I'm pretty sure his entourage will continue to grow in number... :)

    1. It is pretty funny to hear him call his animals his "entourage." His 2-year-old brother tries to copy him, but he's not nearly as attached to any of his lovies as his older brother is.

  3. I loved this piece! Our youngest is a fan of entourages too, and it's funny but I tend to the same thing, using similar terms and then they stick, it's so funny to hear a little one using them! The picture of your beautiful little boy with the blanket over his head could have been my Peter. Now that Peter is 7 I thought we would move beyond this, and I will say he does not bring his things anymore, but every once in a while he will hold court with a few special friends! I think it's so cute!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! As an elementary school teacher, I was always telling parents to talk to their kids without always "dumbing down" what they say. Kids love to learn big words and use them correctly! Plus, it's cute when they get them wrong, too: Matthew always talks about the big buildings called "skyscratchers," and I never correct him. ;)

  4. First of all, let me say, Matthew is the most beautiful child. I have 6 kids and when they were all little, they all had their things to take with them. It's exhausting!! Thanks for giving us a little peek into your life!!

    1. Thank you, Erin! Six kids--wow. I don't know how you kept track of all those entourages!

  5. What an adorable little man you have! With my two daughters I'm all too familiar with the entourage that must go everywhere with them. My oldest has her little fluffy bear that she's had since she was about 1yrs old. Poor little fluffy has been puked on more than once and looks like his arms will fall off if she flings him around one more time. My youngest has three favorites - her pink fluffy bear, her pink unicorn and her little mini camel. All have special voices, by the way. She often won't go to sleep at night until they've each talked in funny voices to her telling her to settle down for the night.

    Love getting to know you and your little guy better.


    1. I love the thought of the little lovies talking to her every night before she falls asleep! And while Baby Missy has yet to be puked on (yet!), she has been peed on more times than I can count. I'm not sure if she's techincally "Machine Washable," but she has been machined washed a lot. Plus, we have two of her, which has been a lifesaver.

  6. That is seriously ADORABLE! I love the names. To cute! haha The minds of children are to cute,. My oldest(he is 3) only has a blankie, although he loves ALL of his cars. He only leaves the house with the blankie. My sanity depends on that blankie practically! My youngest has developed no love for any object, I am his blankie. That's good and then it's bad. but we go with it. :)

    LOVED this post! :D

    1. My youngest is the same way--he has some animals that sleep with him, but nothing he is as dedicated to as Matthew is to Baby Missy. As for cars--omg we have what feels like hundreds of them around here. The boys always want to take the cars with them when we go places, which leads to nothing but fighting. I recently introduced a "no cars in the car" rule for my own sanity.

  7. So adorable!
    My son has an entourage of his own, too. :)

  8. Loved this piece! WOW that is quite the entourage - atleast he doesn't have to pay them :)

    1. Thank you! You're right--this is one time that having an entourage doesn't cost any money!

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